Summer Camp Guide

What kind of clothing should I wear/pack?

Complete packing lists will be sent out for overnight campers closer to camp dates.


  • Comfortable clothing that can get wet and dirty
  • Snug-fitting shoes (sneakers/tennis shoes)
  • Sandal-type shoes (Crocs©, Keens©, Tevas©, etc) and rain boots are discouraged for field activities.

How much money should campers bring?

  • Day camp participants do not need spending money
  • Overnight campers are discouraged from bringing more than $20.
  • Overnight campers have access to vending machines in the dorms.

What do I need to provide prior to the camper arriving?

  • Campers receive handbook with packing lists before camp.
  • Release forms due at camp check-in.
  • Day campers provide application prior to arriving.

What are the living arrangements like for overnight camps?

  • Campers live in campus dorm.
  • Assigned one roommate of the same gender.
  • Rooms include 2 twin beds, dresser, desk and 2-3 small closets.
  • Rooms have individual a/c units.
  • Communal restrooms at opposite ends of dorms. One for males and one for females.
  • Single rooms are provided only in the event of odd numbers and assigned at the head counselor’s discretion.
  • See facilities page for more information.

What sort of supervision do campers have?

  • Day camps: 1-2 educators and an intern present
  • Overnight camps: One educator per activity, three educators during camp, an intern, and 5 counselors for dorms, activities, and meals.

What happens if a camper is injured?

  • All Discovery Hall Programs educators are certified in First Aid and CPR.
  • If additional medical attention is needed, campers will be transported to the physician’s office or nearest emergency room in Mobile, and parents will be notified.

How are daily medications handled?

  • Overnight camps:
    • All medications given to head counselor at camp check-in.
    • Head counselor will be in charge of administering daily medications.
    • Record of doses maintained during the camp.

What is done in the event of severe weather?

  • Field activities continue as scheduled unless there is thunder and lightning.
  • Indoor activities substituted for canceled field activities.
  • Attempt will be made to make-up canceled activities during the camp.
  • If storm evacuates DISL campus, campers will be transported to the University of South Alabama and arrangements made with parents for pick-up.

Can I send my child via airplane?

  • Yes.
  • Campers arriving by air should fly into Mobile Regional Airport.
  • Flight details must be provided one week in advance.
  • Arrangements will be made for counselor to pick up camper.
  • Counselor will transport campers back to airport on last day of camp, if necessary.

Where are you located?

The Dauphin Island Sea Lab is located on Dauphin Island. Find directions and a campus map here.