Go ROVing! Loaner Program

Cost: There is no cost to participate in this program. However, schools/organizations are expected to replace lost items and help may be needed to drop off or pick up kits. The Go ROVing! Program is supported by funds from the AL STEM Council Scale Up program.

Discovery Hall’s newest remotely operated vehicle (ROV) program, Go ROVing!, brings ROVs from our facility to yours! This free loaner program is designed for teachers, STEM instructors, and robotics coaches across the state of Alabama who are interested in diving into ROVs with their students. Kits contain all the materials needed to build ROVs with their students as we recognize that some educators might prefer to try it out before investing while others may not have the financial resources to bring this amazing STEM activity to their students.

The classroom kit has all the parts necessary for 6 teams of students to build and fly ROVs except the water! Each classroom set includes 6 pre-wired control units (controller, tether, motors), an assortment of PVC to build the ROV frames, buoyancy materials, and pool mission ‘props’, and access to a guidebook. In addition, educators may request to borrow power sources, power source adapters, extension cords, or even a pool, as needed

Click here to request a Go ROVing! loaner kit. Discovery Hall will contact you within two business days to discuss availability, dates, plans for picking up and dropping off the kit(s), and any support needed.

Kits may be checked out for 2-3 weeks giving teachers time to have students design, build and fly (pilot), and perhaps redesign their ROVs, just like an engineer.

Please note that the kit is rather large (40” x 22” x 16”) and heavy and so cannot be shipped except at your expense. However, Discovery Hall is partnering with Wallace State Community College to serve as a hub for the northern part of the state. A Go ROVing! loaner kit may be closer than you think.

Have more questions? For more information, email us at rov@disl.edu or click here to read our FAQ.

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